Sales Safety Net?

Sometimes the difference between a good sales person and a great one comes from the little things. Actions such as consistently following up can make or break your sales commissions, as a full 80 percent of sales comes from leads that are followed up 5 to 12 times. However, 44 percent of sales people don’t even make it to a second follow up! In many cases, the software you have to use, such as customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, makes it hard to organize your follow-ups or easily track what your next steps are.

The Next Principal

The “Next” principal is what takes you from an average sales person to one who’s on top of the entire department. It’s a simple methodology that dramatically increases the efficiency of any sales team or individual sales agent. After you implement this principal, you’ll sleep better at night with the thought of your commission statement and your security in knowing nothing is falling through the cracks.

The way you spend your time and how well you’re prepared to engage with your business prospects and relationships is the key to your success. It all revolves around what you do “Next.” Getting leads from your marketing funnel is simply the first part of a long journey that doesn’t stop after your first follow up. How you handle the “Next” steps spells the difference between average and exceptional results.

What’s Your Next Move?

Saleswise is a relationship intelligence platform that gets you to your next move without endless data entry, switching between multiple applications or digging through your calendar. It’s manically focused on making sure your “Next” move is the right one, and that you’re armed with every tool you need to do well in one place.

Knowing what’s “Next” on your agenda, such as your calendar and task list, and being properly prepared for it is not easy. It’s especially hard in a typical sales department, which uses a combination of calendar, tasks, email, CRM, contact and documents that aren’t remotely integrated together. You’re pulling data from Salesforce, a spreadsheet, a huge email thread and a calendar that’s only shared to one of your business email accounts, and you’re still missing pieces of the puzzle. Even if you know what you need to do “Next,” you don’t have the tools you need to properly succeed at this job.

No More Confusion Over the Next Move

Saleswise empowers you and your sales department to own what’s “Next” so you never have to let another valuable opportunity slip through the cracks. The “Next” Principal attaches a “Next” step to each prospect, customer and valued business relationship. Every single person in your system has a follow-up move for improving your relationship, whether you nurture a lead or close a sale. Under this principal, there’s no exception to this rule. It might take multiple follow ups before your prospect finally turns into a closed deal, but it’s well worth it when you have a system in place to support your sales process.

What About Task Management?

Tasks require discipline and diligence to actually be effective. If you don’t stay on top of the task system and have the right tools fueling your business processes, you aren’t going to keep making the right “Next” move. Each and every prospect and customer is an open task under the Saleswise system. It might sound like a chore, but once you actually try it with a system that supports your sales actions, it makes your life easier and ensures that you aren’t worrying about missing a critical data point. The less you worry, the more mental energy you have to focus on making the sale or improving the customer relationship.

The most effective tasks are different for every person and company, depending on your prospects and general work flow. In some cases, you set up tasks to remind you to follow up on a call within a few days, but other prospects may need a follow up in months or years in the future, if they don’t currently have a budget. In that situation, you can set a follow-up reminder in Saleswise to hit at the beginning of the fiscal quarter or year. A “not interest” response may put the task on the back burner for another year, when they may be less content with their current system.

The Next Thing is Always There

No matter what type of task you create, the “Next” step is always there so you don’t have to waste time worrying about it. It increases your efficiency and lets you relax because you aren’t always wondering “Did I follow up with that prospect…?” The system lets you know, so you can focus on taking that “Next” step. You always have an answer for your manager and co-worker when they ask what you’re doing and when you have follow-ups.

Once you have a good handle on what’s “Next,” you’re halfway there. You just need a system in place that will give you instant access to the prospect and customer information you need, all in one panel. You do the hard work of making sure every business relationship has a clearly defined “Next” step, and we’ll supply the best platform to make it as easy and effective as possible. Take a look at our free Saleswise platform, which is simple to sign up on and get started with. It pulls in all the data for you, so you aren’t stuck with hours of data entry. Over 1,000 happy subscribers are already using it to fuel their “Next” steps – now it’s your turn.

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