Sales Leadership Platform — Future of CRM?

Customer relationship management applications are a common sight for sales teams, with Salesforce held up as the pinnacle of innovative sales software. CRMs have existed in a few forms since the ’80s, starting off as a digital Rolodexes and later evolving into CRM by the mid-’90s. While CRM solutions add new features and infrastructure options, such as cloud-based software, the base functionality of these solutions hasn’t changed in two decades. Your sales team still spends a large chunk of its workday on glorified data entry and other mundane tasks, you have to spend time in meetings and reading sales reports to figure out how your team is doing, and you’re maybe spending half your time on actual sales team management. It’s about time for a change, don’t you think?

Enter Sales Leadership Platforms

Sales leadership platforms are the next logical step in CRM evolution. A sales leadership platform focuses on the data available to the sales team instead of forcing them to reinvent the wheel and spend hours on data entry. The data aggregation goes beyond simply bringing in customer information; calendar data, customer communication and other sources are used to give your sales team and the sales leadership all the information you need on a prospect, in one panel.

Current CRM solutions make it hard for you to keep up on what’s going on in the field. You don’t have the luxury of heading out with each sales team and standing by their side when deals go down, so you have to wait for them to write reports, input sales numbers and spend the tail end of their day handling paperwork. A sales leadership platform puts the focus on the information you need to be a sales leader, what you need to do to help your team do their best, and what’s actually going on with your team.

A sales leadership platform creates a data canvas that provides automated access to prospect and sales data. This goal post shifting transforms the way you handle sales leadership, day to day and long term.

How Sales Leadership Platforms Change the Day-to-Day Sales Environment

Look at your typical sales day. How much time are you going from Salesforce to Trello to Evernote to your email, repeating the cycle to figure out what’s going on? Imagine removing that time sink from your day, along with the amount of time you spend in meetings with your sales team. How much more could you get done in a day when you can focus most of your time on sales leadership?

Your sales team gets to quickly start on sales activities instead of glorified paperwork. Automating data aggregation lets your sales people focus on the parts of the job that need the human touch instead of the mundane parts that a forward-thinking application can handle. On the sales leadership side, you get relevant sales data faster than waiting for reports. With faster prospect and sales data, you have the much-needed business agility to take advantage of new trends or change low-performing strategies before they cause your entire team to miss sales quotas.

How Much Is Time Worth to Your Sales Team?

Time is one of your most valuable resources in sales. With more time, you can create the perfect strategies to dominate your industry, work with your sales team to go the extra mile and put more work into a day. No one’s figured out how to extend the day, and time travel isn’t an option, so the next best thing is to improve your sale process productivity.

A sales leadership platform adds time to your day, letting your sales team take advantage of a priceless resource to close more deals, research more prospects and use their skills to keep the business growing. You get to spend more time leading your team and identifying problems before they derail your sales strategy. The added time and flexibility remove the frustration of dealing with the mundane details instead of the big picture, which is the whole point of your job. You can’t use your big picture skills if you’re constantly having your workday pulled away from you in bits and pieces, checking email here, trying to make sense of a sales report there. All this unproductive time can be eliminated with an intelligent sales leadership platform.

CRM might be the software standard for the sales industry, but it’s been in that position for over two decades. Sales leadership platforms enable you to use your time more intelligently, giving you a big picture view and automating mundane tasks for your sales team. With a comprehensive view of what your team is doing and all of your relevant prospect data in one place, your overall sales production transforms to the next level.

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