A New Year for Sales Resolutions

A New Year for Sales Resolutions

It’s a New Year and perhaps you’ve already outlined a number of personal resolutions you hope to accomplish during 2017. But, what about your sales team? What resolutions do you hope to make professionally? Fear not – SalesWise has you covered with these five common sales problems that we’ll be sure to help you resolve in 2017!

1. Lack of Data

One of the chief challenges a sales leader can face is an insufficient sales data. Maybe:

  • Your sales team struggles to find the motivation/ time to enter the customer data or sales activities (e.g., 71% of sales professionals believe they spend too much time on data entry according to Toutapp);
  • There’s virtually no data (e.g., Salesforce reports 91% of CRM data is incomplete);
  • And/ or, the data that you do receive is already outdated or inefficient (i.e., CRM data by nature is reported after-the-fact vs. real-time customer interactions taking place).

In fact, we’ve found that most of the valuable relationship data is locked away in individual email inboxes and calendars. Why work so hard to uncover the data? With SalesWise, we aggregate the data from every message, meeting, document, and person involved so that you gain a clear view into key relationship insights.

2. Lack of Productivity

Every great sales leader knows that effectively managing your team’s productivity is a critical factor contributing to overall sales success. The less time your team has to sell, the less sales they can close. So, what contributes to a lack of productivity?

  • As we recently shared, when asked what gets in the way of work the most, employees said wasteful meetings (59%) followed by excessive emails (43%) (Workfront 2016 Survey).
  • 40% of salespeople still use informal means to store their lead and customer data such as Microsoft Excel or Outlook (HubSpot).
  • According to B2B Lead, 50% of sales team’s time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.

Productivity matters not just when it comes to the quantity of hours in the day, but more so the quality of time being spent on customer relationship building and selling. On average, sales professionals spend 33% of their time actually selling (Toutapp).

SalesWise helps keep your team productively focused. We decrease email workload by 30% by eliminating the need for CC and forwarded emails, as well as internal catchup meetings on the status of your team’s deals.

3. Lack of Visibility

You may be asking yourselves how you can ensure a necessary level of visibility of your sales team’s status without regular reports and meetings. And, despite the fact that you may currently feel that you have a strong level of visibility with a participatory sales team, it can never compare to real-time data with a full 360-view of customer interactions (a.k.a. Business Relationship Intelligence).

With SalesWise’s proprietary Cross Application Relationship Data (CARD) platform, all of the data you need to review existing customer relationships and to even grow new relationships is readily available. On average, our customers discover 5-8 times more contacts and increase visibility by 300% beyond their CRM system. The CARD always remains up-to-date, seamlessly synchronizing across your systems – CRM, inbox, calendar, contacts, documents and more – to share real-time critical intelligence to help you lead, predict, and plan more effectively.

4. Issues with Siloed Divisions

It comes as no surprise that many organizations struggle with siloed divisions. When it comes to sales, these structures can be extremely limiting and consequently inhibit sales success. McKinsey found nearly 80% of senior executives surveyed in a study said that effective coordination across product, functional, and geographic lines was crucial for growth. Yet, only 25% described their organizations as “effective” at sharing knowledge across boundaries.

When divisions are siloed, so is data. Who says your sales team is the only one that needs data? In reality, many other functions within your company – such as finance and legal – contribute to the sales process and/ or customer experience.

At SalesWise, we believe in democratizing your data as a means of driving stronger, more effective alignment and collaboration across your teams. You can rest assured that no matter how your team or customers change, all of your data is organized and instantly accessible for those who need it most.

5. Challenges with Rising Costs

When it comes to running an effective sales team and organization, keeping your costs low while increasing sales success is key. Traditional per-seat pricing models, usually associated with CRM and SaaS systems simply don’t work for growing sales teams and certainly don’t promote data accessibility to those outside your sales team. That’s why SalesWise believes in a pricing model that truly rewards growth instead of taxing it. We deliver key relationship data access across your enterprise without per-seat fees.

Traditionally, people have a 92% failure rate in following through on their New Year’s resolutions (StatisticBrain.com). Debunk the norm and let this year be your year for sales team success! Learn more about SalesWise by visiting www.saleswise.com/the-platform/.

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