Porsche Evolution

Like a Porsche

Have you noticed how Porsches look and feel similar despite being 85 years old? It’s because they stick to what they’re good at, and make incremental changes to make the driving experience the benchmark.

Likewise, SalesWise has gone through minor updates recently to provide you with the best experience to drive greater productivity for you and your colleagues.

(Yes, we’re like the Porsche of Enterprise Relationship Intelligence. I said it.)

Check Out Our Latest Updates

Surfacing More Relevant CAL & TASKS

Quickly see the latest (past and upcoming) tasks and calendar events on the Card including which tasks have been completed.

Cleaner, more detailed MESSAGES

We received several requests to see more message details in the Card. You asked. We delivered. Check out the Messages section of the Card to see more details including attachment designations.

More informative notifications by the Chrome Extension

The SalesWise Chrome Extension now surfaces additional details seamlessly so you can quickly review key details and take next steps, if needed. Or, simply stay in-the-loop.

Install the Chrome Extension for Seamless Updates

The SalesWise Chrome Extension is the easiest way to stay informed on the customers important to you. Get notifications on interactions between your customers and your company. No need to fire off those one-off emails or Slack messages to check the status of customers because you’re on top of it all.

We’ve got you covered. Enjoy the ride.

Get the Chrome Extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/saleswise/fjmkgmglgjmpaoefnnepaddegnbkcedo?hl=en-US&gl=US

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