Corporate Email – The Problem You Know You Have

Email is the atomic unit of business.  From sales to marketing, from customer success to finance and legal, email is the workhorse of how we communicate with our prospects, customers, partners, vendors, and employees.   Just think about how much of your workday is spent reading and writing emails.  Emails carry our critical documents around. Emails are the invitation and acceptance for every meeting.    Despite all the other communication apps today like Slack and Skype, email is far from dead. Email remains the atomic unit of modern data-driven businesses.

What’s Happening

So why has there been so little innovation around email?  At best, there has been new clients that allow us to triage our inboxes (Google’s Inbox is such an attempt). But then why are inboxes still the bane of our workday and often work night?   

Why do I have to be CC’d on so many threads that do not require any response, and why is it so time-consuming to organize them?  Why can’t I quickly access any critical email unless it is actually sent to my inbox?   Why can’t I see all the emails across my company that relate to a key account?  

The Crux of It

The heart of the problem is that email is linear in nature.  You have an email address (“account”) and your email is… well, yours.   You organize it in folders, or maybe  you’re an Infinite Inbox gal, or even the rare Zero Inbox guy.  But at the end of the day, email does not “self-organize”. It certainly does not understand the business context of why it’s being sent or received.  It just piles up waiting for you to do something with it.  

Corporate Email CCs and Forwards

However, in the real world, few business relationships are about just one person.  Relationships with customers and partners normally involve many folks — we are ever deeper in consensus buying and consensus selling.  Think about it – the first interaction with a customer starts with email from a business development rep (BDR) prospecting. Then an account exec (“sales rep”) will jump in when there’s a viable opportunity sending loads of emails with documents and meeting invites. A sales manager or sales engineer may be copied in plus integration teams plus analysts plus marketing plus legal plus finance… they all join in for bits of the relationship which amounts to threads and threads of email. Each constituent being pulled in for some involvement or for-your-information.   Loads of CC’s, forwards, and email thrown up everywhere.  Beware if you are ever stuck on a 10-20-person thread. Should everyone copy everyone?  Will that help?  No.  It’s a mess.   

The Better Way

Where’s the punch line?  Simple – email can be intelligently routed and organized around business relationships automatically for you.   Instead of emails being associated with only the sender and recipient(s) and a set of “inboxes”, emails from an entire enterprise can be aggregated and automatically organized around business relationships.   Communication now goes from linear limitations to expansive collaboration… without the mess.

Now, every email and every person involved with a customer or business partner is automatically self-organized with no copying or action required from anyone.  A single view of all communication is created providing transparency and ease to understand who is saying what to whom.   Layer on top smart and flexible access controls, and you usher in an era and culture shift of greater productivity through clearer communication.


Corporate Email SalesWise

Rather than searching for and staring at list after list of emails to understand what’s going on with a customer, you have a single, comprehensive view. We call this the CARD (or Cross Application Relationship Data). The CARD automatically organizes every message, meeting, document, and person involved – inside your organization and at the customers/prospects/partners/etc.   The CARD is always up-to-date and always complete… even including the communication of those who left the company; thus, preserving and promoting continuity of the relationship.  

The CARD… kind of like Google Docs for email – but better. Email Re-imagined.  By SalesWise.

Drop us a note if you would like to learn more.  

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