Business Email Is Broken — Stop CCing and Forwarding

Why do we CC, forward, and receive so much business email?  Simple –  we need to keep folks up-to-date on what is going on with our clients, prospects, partners, and vendors.  It’s far easier to just copy someone than to write a separate note or to leave a voicemail update.  Easy, right?  Yes, but it is a huge culprit of overflowing inboxes and wasted time.

One of the key drivers of CCs and forwards is simply due to email being inherently fragmented and silo’ed in individual accounts.  Businesses and relationships are locked away behind usernames and passwords hindering transparency and collaboration.  But the company is begging for greater collaboration — reference again to the huge number of CCs, forwards, but also add in the many meetings and intra-office communication tools (i.e. Skype, Google Hangout, Slack, other). The lack of openness in business communication creates a giant web of more technology platforms (and manual methods like meetings, office drop-bys, calls, etc.) to put a bandaid over the true problem — business email (and indeed, communication) is broken.

There is a better way.   

With new technology and platforms, business email can “self organize” around key business relationships and eliminate the need to ever forward or CC folks again.  Now, you can simply “follow” a business relationship and you will be notified of new emails, new documents, meetings, or new contacts involved — all without adding to your over crowded inbox.



How does this work?  

It’s new technology that builds on the last decade of thinking around CRM with an eye towards making life easier for business professionals.  We (the Wise guys at SalesWise) start by extracting all records and clean them up — we know they are a mess — and create a master list of all your business relationships. 

Next, we integrate directly with your Outlook/Exchange or Gmail and extract and synchronize all your business communications, contacts, meetings, and documents.  This creates what we call a Master Relationship File or CARD (Cross Application Relationship Data).

With all this business information automatically in one place, things start to get interesting.  Rather than shuffling emails and documents around to keep yourself or others up-to-date, you simply follow the Relationships (CARDs) important to your job.  SalesWise does the rest – we send you one elegant digest each morning called the Wise & Shine that updates you on all activity including those emails that used to be the CC’s overwhelming your inbox.  Of course, you can also login anytime to get a complete and updated view of every detail of any business relationship.

SalesWise Card

At SalesWise, we don’t think email is dead – we think it’s broken.  In this case, less is truly more.  Retain access to all key relationships — their communication included — without being bombarded all day long. Forget constantly cleaning up and organizing information now that SalesWise automatically organizes and shares communication for you.  

We welcome the opportunity to show you what we are up, and offer you a free pilot to experience the ease and time savings we enable. Check out our platform or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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