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Are you going to Dreamforce?

We’re closing on the end of Q3 already! Time flies when you’re having fun working with new customers and being part of a great team. This time of year also means the largest gathering of sales and service professionals around the world is happening in San Francisco for Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference. Are you going? Jason […]

SalesWise Chrome Extension Available For Everyday Seamless Insights

We are excited to share the much-anticipated SalesWise Chrome Extension has just launched! The Power of SalesWise In Your Everyday We have received numerous requests for an extension to help bring SalesWise to our customers’ most common tool — the Chrome Browser. Our new extension does just that — brings the power and insights of SalesWise to your […]

Democratization of Communication

“People are certainly valuable resources, and the information they hold is useful, but far more so if shared with others” – Graham Walter “Information is Power” Oscar Berg, Digital Strategist and Author, published a great deck about the Democratization of Communication. The deck, available for download below, highlights the opportunities of increasing the visibility of […]

SalesWise Appoints Jason Peoples as Chief Revenue Officer

We are excited to announce the appointment of Jason Peoples as our Chief Revenue Officer. Peoples will lead the SalesWise sales and marketing teams and devise strategies for channel sales and partnerships. He will be instrumental in developing the company roadmap, bringing greater visibility and intelligence to clients’ account-based relationships. Peoples brings with him over 20 years […]

Where’s My Customer and Relationship Data?

The CRM (customer relationship management platform) has become the primary constituent of the “Sales Stack” and is a driving force in promoting sales productivity. Sales professionals often rely on CRM for important customer data in order to track and improve customer relationships; yet, Forrester suggests that 42% of service agents still cannot efficiently address customer […]

CRM Evolution?

CRM has come a long way in the past decade and now is the center of the “Sales Stack”.  While the modern CRM does a good job of supporting sales, customer service, and some account management functions, it falls short as an effective platform to support marketing, product, finance, and legal functions — or, as […]

Enabling Salesforce-for-All With No Per-Seat Additions

In an earlier blog, we talked about the biggest problem with Salesforce according to Forrester Research. To recap, studies found that a “rigid and inflexible pricing model” registered as the top complaint among companies that hoped to do more with this excellent CRM. While the pricing structure remains a problem, there’s an even more significant […]