Why We Need to Reinvent Email

Every year brings new sales and marketing strategies promising to revolutionize the way organizations engage and do business with one another. But there are a few fundamental practices that haven’t changed despite all these revolutions that may hinder true progress. Over the next few weeks, we will examine some crucial business practices that haven’t evolved with the times. First up: enterprise email.

Think about it: for the last 20+ years, professionals have spent hours filing emails (conversations) into folders, CC’ing colleagues for input, and forwarding when others aren’t included in the first place. Reuters says that the average professional spends 40% of their day in their email inbox, checking, responding, and organizing emails.

For now, email is a necessary evil. It’s the primary – and most practical – way to communicate with external contacts, share documents and files, and with the addition of tools like Google Suite and Office 365, combine calendars, emails, and contacts in a central location for individual professionals.

But therein lies the problem with email — it’s exclusively accessible to the individual user, not to key constituents who would benefit from access to this information, documents, and contacts – it’s knowledge.

The latest push in sales and marketing today, Account-Based Sales and Marketing, relies entirely on information sharing and enterprise-wide alignment. And yet, traditional email is not conducive to this kind of collaboration – it hinders it.

The result is a dependence on CRM and meetings to try to catch everyone up – requiring more administrative work for teams and more time away from doing actual role-specific tasks. Currently, sales teams only spend 1/3 of their day actually selling, according to a report from Docurated. As Account-Based Everything continues to grow, there will be a shift away from segregated information. This is when platforms, like SalesWise, will become more and more critical to collaborative organizations. This will go beyond sales and marketing efforts and touch all aspects of customer-centric organizations including customer success, product management, and more.

See how SalesWise has revolutionized traditional enterprise email driving alignment to key information across the enterprise today. Or, download our recent research summary, Connecting the Account-Based View to learn more about the inefficiencies between CRM and Email.