Sales - Right Time, Right Place, Right Person

Sales – Right Time, Right Place, Right Person

The key for most successful endeavors in business is being in the right place at the right time with the right person. So, why should your sales process function any differently? We’ve written before about the importance of your CRM system to your organization. But, what’s worth noting is that 91% of CRM data is incomplete (Salesforce). So, how can your sales team achieve success if they don’t have the appropriate data available to access the right person at the right time in the right place? Let’s take a closer look.

Do you have the TIME?

You can read a dozen sales books that will tell you that it’s best to make cold calls in the late afternoon, Thursday is the best day to prospect or that it takes an average of eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect (The Brevet Group). But, these are generalities and every prospect is different. The importance of time is knowing when your prospect or customer is the most responsive and/or prefers to be contacted. It’s the time it takes to build the connection. Communication is key to the sales process but so is persistency. In fact, according to the Marketing Donut, 80% of sales require five follow-up calls after the meeting while 44% of sales representatives give up after only one follow-up. Seamlessly tracking your interactions with a prospect or customer as well as the quality of those communications can help you to consistently connect and build a successful sales relationship.

What PLACE should we meet?

It’s not just about the right time. But, where should you engage with your prospects? Phone calls and especially check-in calls can help you to maintain relationships or learn about new company developments that could open sales opportunities. But, sales interactions aren’t only taking place by phone, with the rise of our digital lives both personally and professionally, Forbes reports that 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. But, don’t worry, the tried and true staple of email won’t be going anywhere soon. Email performs nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to acquiring new customers (McKinsey). And, meetings, whether in person or virtually always offer a unique opportunity to engage more personably.

Who’s the right PERSON?

Getting time with a prospect in-person is a very good thing. But, of even greater significance, it’s about getting time with the right person. According to Gartner, at the typical firm with 100 – 500 employees, an average of seven people are involved in most buying decisions. No longer are the days of sales one-to-one. Today, it’s many-to-many. Whether within your own company with people in your sales, marketing, accounting and procurement departments involved in the prospect-to-sale journey; or, on the customer’s side with multiple decision makers with a variety of areas of expertise, knowing who the right person(s) may be has never been more crucial.

How do you possibly manage it all successfully? Tracking so many interactions on a number of different channels can be a challenge. Limited CRM data and access across your enterprise can also present many barriers. That’s why SalesWise tracks all your emails, key contacts involved, meetings, and documentation conveniently all in one place. We also believe in democratizing data so that everyone in your enterprise can access the information they need to enable successful customer relationships free of per-seat license fees. Relationship Intelligence has now reached a new level ensuring you can be in the right place at the right time with the right person. If you don’t believe me, just #CheckTheCard.

As a BDR With SalesWise, I’m Happily Waving Goodbye to the Old Ways

As a business development representative (BDR) for a SaaS startup company I had chaotic days, not because I wasn’t organized or highly motivated, but because I missed out on tools that would help me be more efficient in my role.

Like many BDRs, SDRs (sales development reps) or other sales hunter title used at your company, I was responsible for making XX number of calls per day and setting YY number of demos per week. Easy right?! Well it can be, especially if you’re not spending 20% of your day doing data entry or searching for information.

My past routine (“workflow”)

I was a pretty good BDR in my previous post before joining SalesWise. Not cocky, but I was good.

Our product was the industry benchmark, and as a company, we were turning a great annual recurring revenue (ARR). It’s a pretty ideal situation as BDR. However, there are a few things I was asked to do every week that frustrated me.

For one, account executives (AE) consistently asked for the pain points of a prospect I spoke with 5 days ago. No big deal — I’m 26 and have a great memory. However, this happened 3-4 times per week. Is there not a better way?

Despite having a CRM, I was constantly asked to send updates and documents over to the AEs. I always did it because it is what has to be done to close the deal.

That same week, however, my direct supervisor would ask for notes on the SAME account. I started to worry — what’s going on? What do they need these for? Did I qualify the lead properly? Did something happen in the handoff to the AE, or has the AE fumbled the demo?

I have no idea, but what I do know is I have to go through my records again for the same stuff that might be missing from the CRM (it wasn’t, for the most part). Again, no big deal – especially since I did my job.

So what’s wrong?

As they say, you only start missing things when they’re gone. Kind of. For me, I don’t miss the constant questions for updates because I don’t get bugged as a BDR at SalesWise. Why? Well, let’s take step back at the picture of my past routine again. What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, I was asked 3-4 times for data I already shared. That took anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours gathering this information for others and any “catch-up” meetings that might have resulted. Yes, even though they could have gotten this data out of Salesforce… Or can they?!

Did I document ALL my emails in the CRM? My call notes? My calendar events? What about documents I sent? Did I enter every contact copied on a reply? I admit I might have missed a few, but that’s the truth for most of my BDR and SDR brethren. Logging everything slows us down while we’re expected to hammer the phones and set demos. Constantly updating the CRM is too time-consuming and slows me (us) down.

What I appreciate as a BDR at SalesWise

Like I said, taking a step back, I “miss” the things when they’re gone. Except in this case, I’m happily waving goodbye to the old way, and I’m welcoming SalesWise with open arms. Not just because it’s my new job. In fact, I joined SalesWise because I saw how it could solve a pain-point I experienced everyday as a BDR before.

We have a saying around here of #CheckTheCard. It’s a really simple concept — one that speaks to me and should to you as well. Now when my AE and/ or supervisor ask me for information regarding an account, I tell them to #CheckTheCard! Bold, it is, but it’s our culture here. Even our CEO will #CheckTheCard daily. He then swings by my desk to say, “glad you reached out to XYZ company. That was a great message.”

SalesWise automatically shares my conversations with customers with everyone in my company, as needed. My sales leaders now have access to every email, every contact, and calendar appointment without me ever having to enter the data into Salesforce. Don’t get me wrong — I still do enter data into Salesforce, but only the necessary bits to help forecast our pipeline. The details stay in SalesWise, and they get there automatically. It works kind of like Google Docs but better and for sales, at least, for me.

Before SalesWise and now with SalesWise

Here are a few examples of the mundane tasks that I had to do in my previous role, and how they could be improved with SalesWise.


# Before SalesWise Now w/ SalesWise The Value w/ SalesWise
1 Copying emails into the CRM so we had a record of the conversation. SalesWise pulls in every email from every contact with no data entry required. You do nothing! The ability to truly see how your prospect turns into a customer and see their journey. Plus, it saves time — which everyone needs more of.
2 In a handoff to the AE, providing notes, relevant emails and milestones not logged in Salesforce. Well, you don’t actually hand over anything. SalesWise automatically captures everything, so the AE already has access to what he needs. Time for sure, maybe even eliminating some extra steps.
3 Daily, my direct supervisor was looking at my activities and wanted more info about specific accounts, especially key accounts. They don’t have to ask. How about that? SalesWise would allow my supervisor access and visibility to the data — CRM data, email, and calendar at anytime.
(Yes, permissions and restrictions can be set).
There are many. First, you’re no longer asked for information — #CheckTheCard.
Second, if someone is not an account admin or does not have a Salesforce license, they can still get the information they need — again, #CheckTheCard.

But wait, there’s more!

As a BDR at SalesWise, I hear the constant reminders of how difficult it can be to make heads or tails of data in Salesforce. I feel their pain. Luckily, I’m able to share with them a much easier way to check customer relationships — the very product I’m now selling.

Here’s another simple use case and value of what SalesWise offers — in a few months, I’m going to marrying the woman of my dreams. When I’m away for my wedding and honeymoon, I know all of my leads are being taken care of because everything is in SalesWise. I know my colleagues can respond to any leads because they can just “Follow” my accounts and #CheckTheCard. I don’t have to fret about my colleagues pinging me while I’m relaxing on the beach because they have full transparency and they #CheckTheCard. (It’s fun to say.) If someone were to leave the company, SalesWise works the same way.

Okay, one more example — I started a couple weeks ago, and one way I’m ramping up quicker is by using SalesWise. I can go through SalesWise looking at the history of relationships for Closed Won (and Closed Lost) Opportunities to understand what it takes to close a deal. I can see who are the key contacts, what are the common objections and rebuttals are. I was able to ramp up much faster than previous roles because I (you guessed it) #CheckTheCard.

Truth is, I can go on and on about how SalesWise is going to be great for me as a BDR (and beyond). However, you have to see it for yourself. Like me, maybe you’ll happily wave goodbye to the old way of driving leads.

You can give SalesWise a try with a 14-day Pilot, but first, let me set you up for a demo ( I have a wedding to pay for. 🙂

– Ryan Tolle

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Ryan Tolle

Porsche Evolution

Like a Porsche

Have you noticed how Porsches look and feel similar despite being 85 years old? It’s because they stick to what they’re good at, and make incremental changes to make the driving experience the benchmark.

Likewise, SalesWise has gone through minor updates recently to provide you with the best experience to drive greater productivity for you and your colleagues.

(Yes, we’re like the Porsche of Enterprise Relationship Intelligence. I said it.)

Check Out Our Latest Updates

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More informative notifications by the Chrome Extension

The SalesWise Chrome Extension now surfaces additional details seamlessly so you can quickly review key details and take next steps, if needed. Or, simply stay in-the-loop.

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The SalesWise Chrome Extension is the easiest way to stay informed on the customers important to you. Get notifications on interactions between your customers and your company. No need to fire off those one-off emails or Slack messages to check the status of customers because you’re on top of it all.

We’ve got you covered. Enjoy the ride.

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