Enabling Salesforce-for-All With No Per-Seat Additions

In an earlier blog, we talked about the biggest problem with Salesforce according to Forrester Research. To recap, studies found that a “rigid and inflexible pricing model” registered as the top complaint among companies that hoped to do more with this excellent CRM.

While the pricing structure remains a problem, there’s an even more significant issue from a productivity standpoint: uneven Salesforce adoption by sales teams and the resulting data corruption. Your CRM can only be as good as the data inside it, which will degrade rapidly without constant updates.

No Time for Data Entry

Successful Salesforce adoption has always faced challenges from reluctant sales teams that are under intense pressure to shorten the sales cycle. From the point of view of these sales professionals, it’s easy for repetitive data entry to get pushed way down on the priority list when there are quotas to hit and active prospects on the line.

When sales people don’t have time to update the CRM, or they speed through the task so fast that errors creep in, the inevitable result will be inaccurate, out of date, no good data. This has been precisely the case for many firms, and it severely impairs the effectiveness of their CRM. If you already have Salesforce in place, you need better control over your data. If you don’t, you need to be certain that your sales teams will actually use Salesforce effectively before you commit to substantial investments of time, resources and training.

The Answer: Enterprise Intelligence

Here is the answer to all of the above complications. SalesWise can open up a single Salesforce access point to every single person in your company for zero additional costs. That means everyone in your organization gains the ability to work better together without having to worry about inflexible pricing. Meanwhile, your sales professionals don’t have to waste their critical sales time in updating the CRM. With increasing global competition and the accelerating speed of business, a few minutes can be the difference between a close and a wasted effort. And, over the course of a year adds up to serious revenue.

Picture how much more organized and productive your sales teams will be once they are liberated from busy work like data entry and reporting. This elegant, cloud-based enterprise intelligence platform will do just that. The gorgeous SalesWise UI was developed from the ground up to clear away all distractions and allow sales teams the freedom to do what they do best: sell.

For a substantially lower investment, you can get access to the most powerful tools in Salesforce, share them all across your organization for closer collaborations and ramp up productive sales time. What else could you want? Actually, quite a bit more.

Deal Visibility: The Original Goal of CRM

To secure higher revenues in the new economy, you will need to share more than just access to Salesforce. Your sales team should be knowledgeable about every interaction and every document relating to a specific client. Nothing should be lost inside Dropbox, Evernote, email attachments, social media exchanges or messaging apps.

SalesWise acts like an intelligent personal assistant that immediately lays out a true picture of what’s going on with any deal and any prospect. In practice, that translates into instant, transparent deal visibility for effective pipeline management. Not coincidentally, that’s exactly what CRM was supposed to do in the first place.

The End of Oversharing

Is it possible to share too much information? Absolutely. Anyone who’s ever gotten stuck inside an email chain where everybody automatically hits “Reply All” knows the frustration of TMI. SalesWise keeps you one step ahead.

The unique SalesWise platform was carefully designed to allow you to share what you want with who you want. Maybe the CEO needs to be brought in on the most important deals. Maybe Production has to get involved on a personalization or localization issue. Undoubtedly, Finance will need to be involved on some deals but definitely won’t want details on all of them. The power to dial sharing up and down is in your hands.

This facilitates team selling, vacation coverage, field office reporting, mobile presentations, new hire training and a host of issues related to today’s more complex buyer’s journey.

Direction and Purpose

Try out SalesWise Enterprise Intelligence for free and see how good it feels to make your entire sales team more productive with one application to connect everything. How much of your day do you want to spend toggling between windows just to figure out what you’re doing next? In a glance, the SalesWise dashboard informs you the stage the customer or prospect is in at the moment, when they were last contacted and the probability to close.

To start your sales team off in the right direction, sign up for Wise & Shine. This early morning daily email gives a comprehensive overview of the day’s meetings, goals, notes and all the documents your team will need to organize a more successful day. You’ll break out of the gates with direction and purpose, while the competition is still doing their data entry from yesterday.