Set Your Sales Team Free

Set Your Sales Team Free

Most sales managers would agree that their sales team wastes too much time on data entry, prospect research and reports. In fact, according to a recent study from Docurated, the typical sales professional spends only one-third of their time each week in customer-facing sales tasks. That’s no surprise, since the average sales person needs to update over 300 CRM records per week!

Desperately Seeking Productivity

Smart sales managers are constantly looking for new ways to boost their sales team’s productivity. They also want their sales pros to spend more time talking to customers, nurturing prospects and closing deals. So they naturally get frustrated when they see sales team members spending more than half their time searching for sales materials, creating marketing content, or updating sales records.

Sales professionals also hate wasted time. They normally earn more when they reach and surpass quota. They’re not paid for doing admin work.

So if everybody is on the same page when it comes to the importance of increased sales productivity, what needs to change?

Put Everything in One Platform

An ideal solution to this vexing sales productivity problem is to allow the sales team to access all the relevant information they need from within a single platform.

Modern sales professionals confront an almost endless list of applications that they need to use just to get their job done. A partial list includes email, calendar, documents, contacts, CRM, notes, task lists, and more. Signing in, searching for info, and filling out forms eats up precious minutes and hours of each day. Even something as simple as frequently checking email can have a big negative impact on sales productivity. A study by a London University psychiatrist found that constantly checking emails and texts reduces concentration in men and women by an average of 10%!

Most reps would love to have just one platform to pull together and organize all that data. They need to be able to drill down into details of prospect and customer relationships. They want to instantly see the big picture, organize their information, and share that information with anyone on the team.

Time-wasting busy work keeps sales teams from realizing their full productivity potential. If you’re ready to start thinking about setting your sales team free, it’s time to schedule a demo with SalesWise today.