Path to Profitable Sales Growth – Redefine Productivity

Where are you going to find revenue and sales growth this year? For 79 percent of companies, the top driver for hitting new revenue targets has come from improvements in sales team productivity. It’s not hard to see why. We know productivity has an enormous impact on revenue because sales teams, on average, are only able to spend about one-third of their day on actual selling. If your title is defined by what you do with most of your time, sadly you might be more accurately called an administrator.

At this very second, a vast amount of revenue is slipping away as your sales team searches for content, reports on what they’ve completed, conducts duplicate data entry for CRM or tries to figure out their next priorities. A relatively small improvement in productivity could go a long way toward crushing last year’s profitability numbers.

The Ideal Sales Team

Instead of trying to make incremental improvements, start with your ideal and work backward to discover the sales growth steps needed to take you there.

Imagine this:

The ideal sales team has the freedom to focus – to go directly into sales mode whenever, wherever sales teams locate their best prospects. The team collaborates effortlessly to share and organize information, collapse sales cycles and make sure customers are happier with their experience.

The ideal sales team depends on an ideal software platform that runs on any device, is easy to learn and has the type of gorgeous interface that sales teams want to use. The platform would be so elegant that all mission-critical information could be accessed immediately at the touch of a key, while the prospect or customer is on the phone. It should make work simpler for everyone, from sales professional to team leader to customer service to the C-suite. The ideal platform will empower productive focus. It will ensure people work better together and retrieve only the information they need; a free rein to shine always results in success.

Back to the Real World

You might think this ideal world we’re describing, with its technologically unique sales platform, is a long way off. In reality, it’s only as far away as this link. SalesWise eliminates data entry, aggregating all prospect information across your organization from CRM, calendars, email, notes, documents and other sources. Share what you want and nothing else. Managers get instant visibility into team activities. Forget those not-so-fast “up to speed” meetings! Sales teams are clear on their priorities, with visualizations of the likelihood to close and potential deal size. Everyone sees better productivity, and finance posts more revenue.

What’s your path to stronger, more profitable growth? It’s not going to come through cost reductions and CRM tools demanding busy work. Profits come from securing greater revenue in less time with less hassle.  Check out SalesWise to learn more.