CRM – Why is it Empty?

Close your eyes and imagine this scenario: You’re in your first job as a salesperson- you’re excited and doing good work! You’ve been working leads and setting up calls. You’re also being recognized for your good work! As your company begins to grow, your manager decides to require all of his salespeople to use to track progress and leads. So you open and it’s completely empty…. How do you feel?

This is a demoralizing feeling! All of the work you’ve been putting in is for naught because this “all-knowing” CRM shows you nothing. Even worse, hours and hours of data entry loom in your future.

Think about every SaaS tool that you’ve ever used. You purchase the software, and you gain the right to start logging all of your information and data. You continue to input data until eventually, it can give you some “valuable” perspective on the information you have manually entered. It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to actually get a return on investment. Why should you have to pay to get access to a tool that doesn’t give you any utility right off the bat?

That’s why we built SalesWise. We don’t believe you should have to pay for the privilege of hours of data entry so that can “analyze” your information and basically regurgitate it back to you.

When you connect your email to SalesWise and login, — within minutes — you have a completely populated platform full of all of your emails, meetings, contacts, tasks, notes and other key account data. And hey, if your manager still makes you use or another CRM, SalesWise can combine all of that information too! Even better, SalesWise is free, and it will always be free. It’s an elegant and intuitive UI more accessible than and other comparable CRM platforms.

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Gregg Freishtat,   Founder & CEO – SalesWise

Optimizing the Sales Velocity Equation

The Sales Velocity Equation isn’t rocket science, but a better understanding of it could turbo boost your revenues. Last year, Donal Daly, founder of The TAS Group, laid out a simple equation on the Salesforce blog to show sales teams the best way to focus their energy. Sales velocity measures how quickly you are moving toward your annual revenue goals.

The Sales Velocity Equation

There are four essential components to the Sales Velocity Equation

Sales Velocity = Total Number of Deals * Value of These Deals * Percent of Deals Closed / The Average Time of Sales Cycle

There’s even a handy Sales Velocity calculator that can generate your current projected annual sales rate based on your inputs. After that, you can enter your sales goal and the calculator will estimate how much you need to improve in each area to reach that goal.

Sales velocity is a streamlined model of the sales process that can produce fascinating insights, such as that an increase in deals, value and close rate at a mere 10 percent, along with a 10 percent shorter sales cycle, delivers a 47 percent increase in sales velocity. If your sales team can improve by just 10 percent in a few areas, you will see a huge effect on your overall profitability.

Fine Tuning the Model

One of the beauties of this model is that it’s robust enough to be fine-tuned to reflect different sales environments. For example, if you want to investigate the effects of social selling for your organization, you can estimate how increasing the number of leads and contacts you have will boost your total number of deals. If you are going after enterprise-level B2B sales, you can turn the dials to see how much more personal attention and resources must be devoted as the value of the deal increases.

The percentage of deals closed is another area where you have room to interpret and extrapolate. Let’s say you want to define this as a percentage of qualified leads that go to close. In order to increase that number, you’ll need to keep track of the rising number of leads you have and which stage each is at, all while giving each deal the attention it requires to close successfully. You’ll need to keep track of all this information as you churn through this process more quickly to drive down your average time of sales cycle.

SalesWise Does the Number Crunching

Obviously, you’re not going to do all this on your head or even on a chalkboard. Managing all of this is a difficult task, but SalesWise is the perfect way to keep your data and projections in line. Far beyond CRM, the SalesWise launchpad is an intelligent sales engine designed to rev your revenues into high gear. You’ll bring the most updated data from your calendar, email, documents, CRM and social media conversations you have on your clients.

You’ll also be able to see metrics like prospect age, the stage in the buyer’s journey, profitability potential and the number of days since last contact in a glance. With SalesWise, there is no more cutting, pasting or trying to explain to managers where you are with the client. Everyone on your team can see exactly what they need to see about the client—and nothing they don’t need.

Try SalesWise for free and share it with your sales team. We are committed to providing you with this incredibly useful software as a free service. SalesWise simplifies modification of the Sales Velocity Equation to fit your sales process. You’ll instantly see how it all adds up to a more profitable use of your time.

Time is a Deal Killer

Time Kills ALL Deals

So you’re in sales. How’s your relationship with time? Think for a minute about how you handle time when you’re aiming to close a deal. You want to manage the tempo; you want to be the one who recognizes the exact moment when potential buyers need a few minutes to ponder and when they need to be diplomatically nudged with a deadline.

In today’s high-pressure sales world, decisions are made at the real-time pace of conversation. Your customers are used to having information materialize instantly at their fingertips, and they expect you to deliver facts just as efficiently. They will judge the value of your product by your personal efficiency, even if that’s not exactly logical. Something as simple as how quickly you can access a document can make the difference between completing a sale and losing a customer to your competitor. In that sense, time is literally money!

Imagine This Scenario

A sale hinges on sharing an information document with the potential customer. Your client has a few specific questions and if you can answer those questions you’ll close your deal. You call your colleague and ask her to upload the document to your shared drive, but her connection is slow and she’s having trouble. Your customer looks at his watch and reaches for his jacket. “Give me a call or drop a note when you are ready”.  As you watch him drive away, your phone pings to tell you that the document just arrived.

Have you experienced that scenario? Everyone is carrying mobile devices these days, working in different locations, and too often data ends up inaccessible. Someone doesn’t have the right login, or the “owner” of the document you need is at the dentist. What do you do?

The Solution? Organization

SalesWise has an answer for you: organization. Now, you may think that means a CRM. But you’ve probably already found how much time gets eaten up inputting all your data into SalesForce. Furthermore, the sales environment is always moving, and data that has to be entered into a CRM gets outdated fast. SalesWise takes an entirely different approach.

What SalesWise Does

As a Relationship Intelligence Platform, SalesWise works automatically behind the scenes, integrating your email, calendar, documents, notes and CRM data into one unified launchpad. On a single screen, you see a clean graphic layout of every piece of information you need concerning a prospect, with instant access to any part of it. Select one name and view every relevant colleague, schedule, document and message — all in one place. Send emails and schedule appointments without having to leave the platform. Furthermore, you even get visual metrics, to help you prioritize and shape your relationship.

What It Means for You

In today’s data-saturated environment, organization is not optional. You don’t have the spare time to be constantly maintaining, analyzing and explaining the exact status of each prospect. The information you need has to be ready at a glance, organized into a clear, coherent picture, and immediately shareable. SalesWise integrates communications, documents, names, history, contacts and calendars; it automatically gathers all those disconnected operations and bits of knowledge, organizing them out in one clean dashboard.

Sign up today for SalesWise; it’s free and always will be. Once you experience the ease, speed and sense of control you’ll get from having all your information automatically unified, you won’t go back to trying to gather it all together manually. Success in sales depends on building relationships at today’s digital pace, so let SalesWise turn time into a resource that you control.