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SalesWise gives leaders real-time visibility into everything their team is doing to manage their accounts. It elevates all the critical intelligence and information from the team’s email, CRM, calendars and other tools into one platform resulting in critical business relationship insight.

Lead smarter with a comprehensive,
consolidated view of all communications.

  • Increase visibility by 300% into your team’s relationships and interactions with prospects and customers.
  • Aggregate your team’s data and activity instantaneously. Interpret it easily. Take action immediately.
  • Align your team, organize their efforts and increase their productivity.
  • Eliminate endless email threads or chains.
  • Drive stronger, more efficient collaboration across your teams.
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SalesWise delivers powerful business relationship intelligence insight.

Business relationship intelligence enables
sales leaders with insights beyond the CRM

In an ever-changing environment, business, and sales are about much more than the historical, transactional relationships. Today, it’s about the relational relationships you have with your customers, partners, and clients… This is Business Relationship Intelligence.

Our customers win with greater
visibility beyond the CRM

SalesWise is going to continue to be an essential tool for us. I actually talk a lot with our Board about how it’s going to be key for how we’re going to grow this business with essentially the same team.

Dan McFall

President, Mobile Labs, Inc.
When it comes to talking with our sales team, we don’t want optimism, we don’t want pessimism, we want realism – and SalesWise encourages those realistic discussions.

Darryl Gehly

Executive Vice President, Skyword
Our team has instant snapshots of our relationships with our customers and prospects. Before, we had non-stop meetings and CC’s and emails because Salesforce just didn’t have all the details of customers. Today, we use SalesWise, and we now understand everything about the relationship for customer success, marketing, account management, execs… everyone! It’s seamless, it’s simple, and it saves us a ton on Salesforce seats!

Bostjan Spetic

CPO, Zemanta
SalesWise is now my go to application before every call or meeting I have with a customer or prospect. And the Wise & Shine feature is like my personal insurance policy. I am better prepared and don’t worry any more about whether I’ve missed something. I have all the details in front of me to make sure I do the best I can with every interaction.

Devon Wijesinghe

CEO, Insightpool
SalesWise is a game changer. I had no idea how much easier and faster it could be to prepare for calls and meetings while at the same time avoiding wasting time with too many apps.

Adam Steinberg

CEO, Transpose
I have an instant snapshot of my team’s performance and how each of my team members are doing. I can see how each of their prospects and deals are performing without me or my team having to lift a finger. It took me less than a minute to see how much more effectively sales and business people will be able to manage their prospects and customers using the SalesWise platform.

Vikas Rijsinghani
SalesWise creates instant visibility into key relationship data and makes sure everyone is on the same page with every account. Everyone on my Customer Success team knows exactly what was agreed to during sales and who is involved without needing to ask. Ultimately, my team is far better informed with far less effort!

Sarah Vabulas

Director of Customer Success, Insightpool

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